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When your truck runs right and looks good, your brand looks good! Considering the overwhelming costs of replacement, you want to get as much life out of your investment as possible. Kummerer & Sons is a one-stop shop for all your heavy & medium duty refinishing needs.

Collision Repair

Tires blow out. Deer choose the worst time to cross the highway. Accidents on the road and accidents on the job happen.

Whether you rolled your truck, need a new hood or cab, or want to repair a bent fender, we can help restore your truck. Even if it isn’t drivable, we’ll get you up and running in no time.

  • Danner Granite Hooklift

    Danner's hauled this Mack CV Granite to our shop after it was totaled in an accident.  The cab was removed, repaired and the hood was replaced.  While the cab was off a new transmission and clutch were installed.  The truck was sanded, prepped, and painted.  Due to the damage this truck had to pass state inspection after the repairs were completed.  We supplied the customer with all the necessary paperwork for the Ohio Highway Patrol.  The truck passed inspection and was added to the Danner fleet. 

  • Danner's Towing Wrecker

    This 40 ton NRC rotator wrecker was purchased by Danner's Towing from a company in Oklahoma.  Shortly after arriving in Ohio it made its way to KSG to be freshened up.  The truck components were removed and the body doors taken off.  "The Mobile Blast Guy" used a dustless sandblasting on site to remove the dried paint, and readied the exterior for the next steps.  The entire wrecker was painted in stages using quality Axalta products to ensure it could withstand the harsh Ohio weather.  To ensure this beauty will hold up to the work that is ahead a white bed liner was sprayed on the rear of the wrecker where all the chains, and hooks will be stored.  Although this was the largest project KSG has taken on thus far, it was well worth the work!

  • Inbody Farms

    This 1992 Freightliner FLD hit a deer while hauling grain.  There was severe damage to the front end specifically the left fender.  KSG worked with the customer and their insurance company estimating damage costs.  Once the final numbers were approved the customer requested pricing on a full body paint job.  KSG replaced the left fender, as well as the other damage parts from the accident.  We sanded, prepped, and painted the entire truck and installed all the aftermarket bling to make her shine.

  • Mack's Trucking Granite

    In 2013 Mack's Trucking had their Granite delivered to our shop for extensive repairs. There was heavy damage to the front end after the right steer tire blew out and caused the truck to go off the road into a wooded area. During the repair process the cab and hood were replaced. All of the cab components were removed from the damaged cab and installed in a new unit. The exterior was prepped painted to the factory finish.

  • Maverick Super Liner

    KSG did a complete paint job on this beautiful 1987 Superliner, but it had a small mishap once she was back on the job. JME brought her back to our shop to repair the damage. The fiberglass hood was repaired and the intricate paint job was redone.

  • Wise Repair

    This 1999 Mack CH arrived to us with damage to the right fender after a tire failed.  KSG was able to install a new fender using bonding adhesive to secure the joints.  Once the fender was secured the entire hood was sanded and prepped for paint.  A single stage blue finished was applied and the vehicle was put back together.  This beauty is now hauling grain and back to work on the family farm.

Refurbishing and Repair

Refurbish / Repaint

When it comes to your business, looks do matter. You want your truck looking professional and sharp. We can paint frames, replace glass, and deal with rust or paint damage with quality craftsmanship and detail. We know individual make and model paint schemes - down to the year they were shipped off the production line - and can get your truck looking off-the-lot new.

  • Better Living

    This new 2018 Freightliner was purchased by a customer with a very specific company paint scheme. They could not wait for a new truck to be ordered so our shop was contacted to complete a full paint change. We sanded the entire cab, and painted in two stages; first the green, and then the yellow. We continued the stripes into the door jambs for a complete factory look.

  • Decker R Model

    This Mack R Model was discovered in the weeds by a Mack Enthusiast. When the truck was brought to KSG she was sanded down, and body repairs were needed. Once all the well earned scars were repaired she was given a coat of epoxy primer and restored to her factory red finish.  This old beauty will be put to work hauling stone for a local contractor.

  • Sentinel Bus

    In 2016 Sentinel Career Center contacted KSG to paint a bus that would eventually be used to showcase all that Sentinel has to offer.  KSG employees worked alongside a handful of Sentinel Autobody Students to sand and prep this bus for refinishing.  After the bus was sanded and masked off KSG applied a beautiful white finish and installed chrome simulators over the steel wheels.

Heating and Cooling

Heating / Air Conditioning

It’s hard to work efficiently when your heat or A/C is broken. We’ll get your cab to the climate you need so you can get back on the road in comfort.


    Are your wipers or headlights doing wacky things? Lights out on the back of your truck? We’ll get your electrical functioning properly so you can deliver your goods in safety

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